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F. A. S. T.

Fast And Simple Ticket - support tickets made easy.

v1.1 is still quite simple but the demo is of a later version which we don't currently have an OpenSource version of due to extra complexity in configuring.  However, v1.1 is very usable and very simple and included a shell script to set up config.php and internal commands to build the database tables.

v1.5 will be available soon and the complexity of configuring has been overcome by adding a system which copies most of the config file to a database table with a nice interfect to edit.

In a world where paper-trails are becomming more necessary, FAST is an ideal system for any organisation.  Bespoke releases are available for those who need that little extra.

FAST can also be used as a simple alternative to email with the bonus of the paper trail which records IP and time as well as the message.


  1. Clients can create a ticket by filling in a simple form requesting Full Name, Email address, Phone No. and Support Request.
  2. An email will then be sent to all staff members informing them of the support request.  The email will contain a link straight to the ticket.
  3. An email will also be sent to the client and will include a link back to FAST so they can update the ticket.  They do not need an account, they need just their email address and a ticket ID which is based on the ticket number and a random number.
  4. Staff can update and close the ticket if the problem is resolved or leave it open if further information has been requested.  The ticket may also be put into "waiting" mode where it doesn't show on the open tickets screen because it is waiting for the client to update it. 
  5. Clients can update the ticket by clicking on a link in the email they are sent.
  6. All ticket updates are sent to the client and staff member making the update.
  7. The admin home page will automatically reload every 180 seconds (can be changed in the config file) and if an open ticket exists (excludes "waiting" tickets) the page background colour will flash aggresively to catch atention indication an pen ticket exists - gret for when the page isn't fully visible.
  8. Templatres can be customised for ticket replies.
  9. A "root" user can send an email to all staff on the system.
  10. Staff may change their own password - root user may edit any account.
  11. Staff can select their own page background colour - root user may edit any account.
  12. Staff can select their snippet size (the number of characters of the message body shown in a list of tickets) - root user may edit any account.
  13. Tickets can be searched - great for checking if a similar request has been made before.


Screen shots:

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