Demo - Portal

Landlord Portal

This is an electronic portal of information between the landlord and tenant.  It has several useful features:

  1. Communication centre
    The landlord can send an email from the portal and a copy will be sent to the tenant, the landlord and archived in the system database.  The archive is readily available to the landlord and tenant, so is a record of past agreements made beyond the contract.  Landlords can log other forms of communication by copying/pasting from an email with the ability to set the record's date as that of the original email.
  2. Account statement
    Landlords can add lines to an account statement, listing all charges and payments.  Rent is automatically added when due.
  3. Email statement
    The landlord may click a link to email the statement to the tenant at any time.
  4. Automatic statement sending once a month
    A statement will be emailed to the tenant once a month seven days before rent is due.  This is intended to act as a reminder as well as keeping the tenant up to date with their account status.
  5. Automatic weekly sending of statement when in arrears
    If a tenant is in arrears, their statement will be emailed to them once a week with a message reminding them of the importance of paying rent on time.


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